domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Polkadot Cadaver- Bloodsucker (Single) + Cake and Eat It Too (2011)

Niños y niñas, les traigo una delicia atrasada. Hace varias semanas Polkadot Cadaver nos mostró lo que sería de su nuevo trabajo, Sex Offender, subiendo a iTunes su primer y probablemente único single, Bloodsucker. Lo escuché apenas apareció, pero por razones de flojera no me motivé a buscar la manera de descargarlo (sin ripearlo) hasta hace un ratito en que escuchaba algunas canciones de Dog Fashion Disco. Ahora les tengo el single y un regalo de parte del staff de Cagando en los yuyos, Cake and Eat It Too, la primera canción que presentaron en MySpace.
Welly well, boys and girls, it's first-post-in-english-ever time, and now with old-good news. Maybe you are one of those who have been following Polkadot Cadaver in Facebook, so you already know that Sex Offender has a single and that single is available on iTunes and stuff, but here I have what you want totally free! Well, is just that single, but with a little extra gift; their first song of this album they released in MySpace (as far as I remember): Cake and Eat It Too. Talking about the album, some say that it's coming softer than Purgatory Dance Party, but IMO sounds more... dunno, focused, maybe it doesn't sound as catchy as the previous one, except for Cake and Eat It Too, that recalls me a bit of Long Strange Trip to Paradise and Deathwish but with a new vibe. (Dang it, googling around I found that one blogger uploaded the single almost a month ago... well, who cares? Sharing is caring).
Now stop the blah-blah, let's pass the song:
2011- Bloodsucker (Single)+ Cake and Eat It Too

And remember to buy both albums kids, they're fuckin worth it!

Greetings from the ass-crack of the world, Chile. Yes, you have fans down here too! (yes, I'm talking to the band... just in case they're googling themselves and take a look here)

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